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If you are experiencing a pinched nerve, or a sharp shooting pain you have come to the right place. At Core Chiropractic we are fantastic at dealing with pinched nerves and the painful symptoms that can often come along with it.

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What is a pinched nerve?

The nerves of your body are responsible for sending and receiving all of the millions of signals between your brain and the body. Your nerves are like the electrical wires of your body. These ‘electrical wires’ need to have plenty of room to move and can not be interfered with in order to effectively do their job.

All of the nerves in your body start in your brain, travel down your spinal cord, and exit the spinal cord to control all of your bodily functions.

A pinched nerve is when a nerve in your body is being placed under a physical pressure somewhere along this pathway. Usually, a pinched nerve is caused by local swelling of the spine, or physical misalignments.

A pinched nerve can cause a variety of symptoms, most notably a sharp stabbing pain, or a numbness or tingling.

What causes pinched nerve?

Your spine is such an important part of your body. Not only does it support you, and help you perform various movements, it also protects your spinal cord and your nerves.

We find the most common cause of pinched nerves are spinal misalignments, poor posture, disc bulges, and structural imbalances of the spine. These changes from normal alignment can create pressure and swelling on and around the nerves of the spine resulting in irritation of the nerves.

Inflamed or ruptured spinal discs are also a common cause of pinched nerves. If there is a disc bulge, it will press on the surrounding nerve causing irritation.

Not only does this pressure and irritation cause sharp stabbing pains, but it also inhibits the body's ability to send and receive important messages.

How do we at Core Chiropractic help you with pinched nerves?

Pain medications are commonly used to deal with pinched nerves, but unfortunately this approach only masks the symptoms rather than fix the underlying cause.

Our focus is correcting the cause of your pain, so you can experience lasting results and great health, all without the nasty side effects of long-term pain medication use.

We do this through improving your spinal alignment and posture, using a gentle, non-invasive chiropractic technique.

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We are here to help you function better, feel less pain, and get back to doing what you love.

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Here is our proven process

1. Our complimentary consultation is the first step. In this consultation we determine if you can be helped with chiropractic care. If not, we will be sure to refer you to the right people. If chiropractic is something that can help you, you will move on to the examination process.

2. The examination process is designed to find the underlying cause of your problem. We take all of your lifestyle factors into consideration in this step. We are sure to assess your entire body not just where you are experiencing pain.

3. Once we know WHERE your pinched nerve is coming from, we will create a personalised treatment plan to get you feeling great again. We will also explain exactly what is going on with your body in an easy to understand way.

4. At Core Chiropractic, we focus on the restoration of your spinal alignment by using gentle and non invasive adjustments. Our adjustment method is gentle enough for the whole family, babies and infants especially. No cracking or popping required to get you well.

Improving spinal alignment takes pressure of your spine, nervous system, muscles and joints allowing your body to heal naturally without the need for pain medications or surgery.

Our goal is to help your body function at its best so that you can experience a headache free life, feel great, and get back to doing what you love.

If you are experiencing neck pain and are ready for a drug free alternative to healing, simply book your first consultation online or call our friendly team.

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