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We know seeing your child struggle with different types of health issues can be heart breaking and even frustrating sometimes. Your heart aches for them when they are crying out in pain and nothing or very few things seem to comfort them. You may have tried different remedies at home, been to your pediatrician or even turned to “Dr. Google”. Now you want to know if pediatric chiropractic care can help. The short answer. We Can.

Most Common Conditions We Can Address

We care for a lot of unique pediatric patients here at Core Chiropractic, ranging from a couple days old to grade school age. They all have specific, unique health issues and we care for them that way.

Whether your child is a newborn or in grade school, our care is safe and gentle. You can be certain that we’ll find your child’s unique problem and correct it.

Here are some of the other benefits we’ve seen in caring for children in our office

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